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What Foods I Should Avoid If I Am Diabetic

by Moses Wright

A common question asked by people recently diagnosed with diabetes is "what foods should I avoid if I am diabetic?" While many people think that people who have diabetes cannot eat any foods that contain sugar, the truth is that no foods need to be totally avoided.

Healthy food and foods containing refined sugar that are often considered off-limits to diabetics raise blood glucose levels. Whenever a person eats, the blood glucose level rises.

It is true that some foods raise the blood sugar level significantly higher than other foods. These foods can still be eaten, but should be done so only in moderation.

Candy, cake, and food that contains refined sugar can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Other foods like white pasta, white bread, and fruit can also cause significant rises in blood sugar levels.

Sometimes, the negative effects of problematic foods can be lowered by eating protein with the food that causes blood sugar level spikes. One example is that often eating protein with the white pasta or white bread causes less of a spike in the blood glucose level than eating to white pasta or white bread alone.

The amount of fat in the diet of the diabetic patient may need to be restricted if the diabetic patient is overweight. This is because excess body weight can make diabetes more difficult to manage.

A nutritionist or dietitian can devise a diabetic diet to help the diabetic patient lose weight at a healthy rate. Diabetic diets also help keep blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

A dietitian or nutritionist can help the diabetic patient learn how to incorporate their favorite foods even if those foods are often considered off-limits for people with diabetes. A healthier recipe for the food or a substitute for the food can be used to lower the foods negative impact on the person's blood glucose level.

Focusing on what foods cannot be eaten can be depressing. It would be better for the diabetic patient to try new, healthy food and healthy recipes to find new favorites. Diabetic patients should avoid eating the same foods too often, because this can cause a sense of being restricted in what foods can be eaten.

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