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Walking And Swimming, Essential Companions To Diabetes Cures

Philip Leighton

by Philip Leighton

Diabetes cures has been attempted from 20th century only even though it was known to all civilizations right from prehistoric times. U.S.A National diabetes Statistics 2007 explains that diabetes is caused by high levels of blood glucose, called blood sugar. It is due to the defects in insulin production by the body due to pancreatic disorder. It can lead to serious complications but the patients of diabetes can take corrective steps to control the same.

Approximately 7.8% of American population is afflicted by this diabetes. If left untreated, it will lead to further complications like arteriosclerosis, and diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy, and neuropathy. Due to the highly comfortable lifestyle and lack of sufficient exercises, obesity and consequently diabetes have spread to these enormous proportions. There is no need to panic though, as corrective steps like changing the lifestyle and correcting the diet will prevent in further progress of the disease.

Insulin is to be injected in the body of the patient to lower the blood sugar level. A strict vigil has to be kept on the type and amount of food to be taken. Diabetic testing supplies stores, spread all over the country supply testing equipment and Insulin injection vials and syringes.

Scientists at Cincinnati Children's Hospital's team headed by their team leader James Wells. Ph.D., have identified and separated a gene which helps embryonic development of pancreas and other organs in early stages. This will enable researchers to evolve methods to coax stem cells into the pancreatic cells, for purposes of diabetes cures.

A major headway has been made in transplantation of controlled- grown pigs' islets into human beings by Islet Foundation having activities in many countries including U.S. The recipients were reported to be free from diabetes for over a year. Newer anti-rejection medicines and revised transplantation techniques are contemplated.

From Israel, Scientists at Bath Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), have postulated a theory that if leptin sensitivity to a tiny area of POMC in the brain's hypothalamus is restored, it cures mice in the leptin-recepter of severe diabetes. The beneficial result of this research will be in understanding the leptin's role in regulating the reasons behind weight gain and glucose control. This will have a salutary effect in diabetes cures.

In a study published in major Medical Journals across the length and breadth of U.S., just brisk walking for an hour a day will give us 20% less chance of getting breast cancer, a 30% less chance of getting heart disease, a 50% less chance of diabetes In this study, brisk walking was defined as 3-3.9 miles per hour, or 15-20 minutes per mile. For most Americans, this is just a purposeful stroll only. Tests from instruments of diabetes testing supplies are to be used at regular intervals.

Bitter Melon (Momordica Charantia) - Bitter Melon, also known as balsam pear, is a tropical vegetable mainly cultivated in Asia, Africa and South America, and has chiefly been used as a remedy for diabetes. The blood sugar reducing action of the fresh juice or extract of the unripe fruit has been proved beyond doubt. It contains Charantin which is a hypoglycemic agent composed of mixed steroids and is more potent than tolbutamide, used in the treatment of diabetes. Thus diabetes cures is progressing rapidly.

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