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Who Is At Risk Of Developing Diabetes?

Kathy Forcey

by Kathy Forcey

Diabetes can creep up on us as we get older without us even realizing it. So it is important to know what the type 2 diabetes symptoms are, especially if you are in one of the risk groups for developing this disease.

Who is at risk of developing diabetes? Sadly enough diabetes is becoming a very common condition in the western world. We are all eating more junk food and spending more time in our cars rather than out in the fresh air. As more people are at risk now than ever before it is a good idea for anybody over 40 to have their blood sugar levels tested from time to time.

One of the major factors you are in control of in your battle is your belly. If you are overweight then you are at a increased risk, if you are clinically obese then the risk goes up even more and if all your excess weight is in your belly region then that increases the likelihood that you will develop diabetes even more.

While you can do something about your weight, you can't do anything about getting older. When you add middle aged and overweight together you really are increasing the likelihood that you will end up being diabetic at some point.

Middle aged, overweight with high blood pressure. That is a very common situation which often seems to affect Americans, it isn't made any better when you add diabetes into the mix. Which if you already have the first 3 things then there is a huge chance you will develop diabetes as well.

If you spend a lot of time sitting around then you are not helping to reduce the chances of developing diabetes. Your lifestyle choices really do affect your health. The good thing is that you can change your lifestyle without to much difficulty. Just get up and take the dog, or even someone elses dog, for a walk once a day or do something else to increase your level of exercise.

If you lose weight, improve your hypertension, reduce your reliance on medicine and then reduce your chances of developing diabetes as well surely you are on a all round winner aren't you?
Realistically most of us can really know for certain if we will develop diabetes it can be helpful to know most of the Causes of Diabetes that we can control. Diabetes is growing more common every year but there are things you can do to reduce your risk of developing it.